Friday, January 31, 2014

You Had me at Jel-lo!

Ah the often overlooked, underappreciated dessert we know as Jello. Kids love Jello. Jello is fun, low in calories, versatile, and has endless possibilities. Here are some basic rules for Jello.
1. When adding fruit or other ingredients, cut the water a little to ensure a good gel.
2. Make sure water is boiling so the Jello dissolves completely.

Here are a few Jello recipes to put in a champagne flute or wine glass and surprise your little Valentines with.

Strawberry Surprise
Make a large box of Jello according to instructions. Chill Jello in a mixing bowl. When firm, put Jello into a mixer with a whisk attachment and add 1/3 tub of Cool Whip. Whisk these together until well mixed. POur the parfait mix into fancy glasses and top with a little poof of Cool Whip and a few pink and red sprinkles. Return to fridge for about 1/2 an hour. Your little Valentines will be thrilled when they see their fancy dessert!
Cherry Orange Fantasy
Make a large box of Cherry Jello cutting down 1/4 cup water. When Jello is dissolved, 
add 2 scoops orange sherbet and stir to melt.Pour into a fancy glass.  Refrigerate four hours. 
Top with Cool Whip and Red Sprinkles. Mmmmmm

Strawberry Banana Jubilee
Make a large box of Strawberry Jello according to instructions. Add sliced fresh strawberries and bananas. 
Pour into a 9x9 baking dish and chill until firm. 
Mix a box of Vanilla Pudding according to directions. When set, add one cup Cool Whip to give it some fluff. 
Spread pudding mix over the firm jello and return to fridge to set. 
You can top with cookie crumbs, sprinkles, or sliced strawberries. 
Cut into squares to serve.  

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