Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine Fun !

I think Valentine's Day can be as much or more fun for kids as adults. Keep them busy this Valentine season with a few of these ideas:

Message in a bottle:  Have you child draw a picture or write a note to someone they love. (grandparents love this)  Roll it up and place it in an empty, dry, water bottle with the label removed. You can add paper hearts, or curling ribbon, or a tiny bit of glitter to the inside of the bottle too. Replace the top and tape it in place. Place a large white label, or tape a piece of white paper with the address of the recipient on it onto the bottle. You can actually take this to the Post Office and send for around $1.50. How fun!

Valentine Pancakes and Sprinkles:  Want to enjoy a real Valentine Breakfast? Pour pancakes into heart shapes. (they don't have to be perfect, kids don't care!) Instead of syrup, put a squirt of Whipped Cream, and strawberries, or pink sprinkles. Serve with strawberry milk. If you really want to go all out, Place strips of bacon wound into heart shapes on a baking sheet and bake until crisp. Leave a little love note under each plate.

Do The Top Five:  This is good for every day use by the way, but especially appropriate for Valentine's Day. Have your child hold up five fingers. Explain you are dong the "Top Five" These are the top five reasons I love you today. Have the child fold down each finger one by one as you tell them, softly with lots of eye contact: "I love you because you...."  (suggestions: are funny, kind to your baby sister, really good at soccer, a great helper, a good tooth brusher, etc.) Be creative and specific. I like to use number five to say they are my gift from God.

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