Saturday, January 25, 2014

It's Sooooo Me

This photo makes me smile. It's The vintage apron, the turquoise, the cross. Well, everything but the measuring tape. I don't enjoy measuring all that much. A little Boho, a little Retro, a lot of  funky fun. Now if I only still had a waist like that! 
 Rita Wilson was on a talk show where  she said we should all have a little description of our style. That's how we stay authentic through every changing trend. Four words to describe your style.

  I quickly thought about my close friends and tried to describe them. I wondered how they would describe themselves. I wondered too whose description would be more accurate? Now there's a thought.
 Anna Quindlen says getting older makes you ask yourself, "Who am I, REALLY?" and "What do I REALLY believe?" It is thrilling to think I am getting to a place in life when I might be able to answer...frightening too of course. Let's see,

** Boho,Retro,Comfy, Romantic**

I'll have to ask my girlfriends and let you know. 
In the mean time... share your FAB FOUR !

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