Sunday, March 23, 2014

God's Not Dead

Taking my son and his friends to see God's Not Dead... a movie in theaters starring Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo. Heard it was good. Let you know.  5:15pm Sunday, March 23rd.

Ok. So, quick tip. If you are going to keep food in your purse to take into the movie because you didn't have time to eat it before... probably shouldn't make it sushi. Don't get me wrong, the sushi was good, it's just that eating it in the dark can be dangerous. As I popped a slice of California roll into my mouth, I was feeling proud of myself for making a better choice than the greasy, fried or other choices the kids made. Sadly, my pride was quickly replaced by an overwhelming sense of stupidity as I reached into the styrofoam box pulling out what I thought was the last slice of California Roll but was actually a blob of fresh ginger and Wasabi and quickly popped that into my mouth. Now if you are not a sushi eater, you may not know that Wasabi is a very spicy Asian mustard and fresh Ginger, although delicious, is not really to be eaten in a clump. Thank heavens I had a large bottle of water. I am thinking no more sushi at the movies. 

God's Not Dead. When we exited the theater after the movie, we ran into my son's fourth grade teacher who informed me that she read that this movie,,, without much hype or advertising was number three for the weekend. I felt so happy about that. 
The movie was really good. The acting ( aside from the boy's girlfriend) was quite good and the direction was good. It is difficult to tie several stories together to one theme without making it feel choppy, or too contrived when the stories converge. I really liked that the main character, Josh, was a fairly mild mannered guy. I imagine Jesus himself was not a foot stomper, or a loud, imposing person. Josh made his point through his faith, his intelligence and his passion. It was his trust in God that gave him the strength and courage to stand up to his Philosophy professor who insisted all students start the term by signing a declaration that God is dead. This was meant to explain away the atheism they would encounter in the Philosophers they would study. Josh just couldn't bring himself to sign that declaration, and that is where his uphill battle began. 
The movie also touches on many other subjects such as greed and materialism, religious oppression, cultural differences, and an almost viament hatred for Christianity. 

My favorite character was the black missionary who was visiting a local pastor and kept reminding him that God is Good all the time, and all the time God is Good.  He was so peaceful and gently convincing. There was a short but interesting appearance by Willie Robertson of the Duck Dynasty clan which I thought was unexpected. He is really likable and believable. 
The movie ends with a performance by the Newsboys, who I had heard of , but not really heard. Loved their music. I'll have to check it out. 
The movie challenges you to text God's NOT dead to all you know. 

Here's my recommendation Take your kids, go with your bible study, or your MOPS table. Bring some tissue. Fill your heart and mind with something good and wholesome and have some good discussion afterwards. 
I asked the boys in the car on the way home if they would have stood up to the professor. The boys said, "Zack would."   Zack is my kid. I am not entirely sure that was a vote of Christian confidence or an expression of the obvious ( he is a talker, and isn't afraid to say things which can be troublesome at times)
Zachary assured me when we got home that he would indeed refuse to sign that declaration because "it is the opposite of what I believe Mommy."  

God is good all the time, and all the time, God is GOOD!

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