Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch

It's funny, on one hand we are, in many ways the most entitled, spoiled generation ever, and yet we don't allow ourselves to enjoy a leisurely, lovely lunch with a friend because we are too "busy" for that.
Maybe, if we remembered the incredible value of sharing a meal, sharing our hardships and joys with a good friend, and then walking away to let someone else do the dishes...we might do it more often.
 You don't even have to wear hats!

Today I met a wonderful friend at a sushi restaurant where the poor waitress must have asked us ten times if we needed more iced tea or diet coke. That gives you an idea how long we sat there. This is not a friend I talk to every day, sometimes not for a month. No matter. There is a knowing. There is a mutual adoration, respect and deep affection that is reignited the instant we are together. I am genuinely happy to see her, can't wait to hear about her family, her highs and lows, the new and the old. Her eyes light up when she sees me too.

*If this sounds hokey to you, you need a new friend. I can't explain the gratitude I feel when I think of the girlfriends my God has blessed me with. It is one of the great joys of my life.

So, with ice tea and diet coke disappearing from our glasses, sushi being savored and shared, we discussed everything under the sun; our wonderful,challenging, exhausting kids, husbands, things we are working on, things we are not too successful with, hopes, worries, faith, health. There were rounds of spontaneous tears, some crazy laughter, some quiet conversation. Mostly, we were just being a friend to one another. We could say what we are proud of and ashamed of, what we are confused by and what we know to be true. I think I will donate to a good cause in the amount of a two hour therapy session I no longer need to schedule. There is nothing like a real friend to remind you of your good character qualities and encourage you away from the less desirable ones. She knows you don't really hate your kids or want to strangle your husband. She knows they are your everything, otherwise they could never drive you this nutty. If you put yourself down, she laughs and brings up something great you've done. She shares her good one liners with the kids, and listens quietly when she know no advice is needed, just a caring look and an "I get it," sigh.

Lunch with my friend is just what I needed today. She is so smart and funny and genuine. If she likes me, I guess I must not be too hopeless. Give yourself the gift of friend indulgence. Call a friend and make a lunch date today. You won't regret it.

* Watch your iced tea intake. I almost had a potty accident driving to the groomer to pick up my dogs after the lunch. I never wanted to get up and go during our conversation. What am I, 4?

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