Saturday, March 1, 2014

Everything's Coming up Green!!

I know, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated here in the states for just a few reasons:
 1. An excuse to drink green beer
 2. An excuse to pinch someone
 3. A reason to wear green 
 4. A reason to cook a big pot of corned beef and cabbage
 5. A great reason to bake Irish Soda Bread. 

Consider some of these fun family ideas:

1. Call your kids by name with a Mc or an O' in front of it. 
   i.e. My kids would be McDarcie and O'Zachary
2. Make a leprechaun trap with an empty box,a stick to hold it      up, and either gold coins or lucky charms left underneath to 
   tempt the leprechaun.When kids are away,take out the coins,      and drop the box. Let the kids find it. That naughty    leprechaun took the gold!! Finally, on St. Patty's day,take 
   out the coins, but leave a treat..a green lollipop,green
   beads or funny glasses.(party store has it all) 
3. Make little green cupcakes with white frosting and gold 
4. Cut out four leaf clovers and hide them around the house. 
   When one is found.. a prize is won. 
5. Make green playdoh. 
6. Leave little signs that the leprechaun has visited.( a chair  
   on the table, a picture hung upside down, a vase of flowers
   in the fridge... etc. 
7. Play Irish music. 
8. Read an Irish Folk tale. 
9. Watercolor rainbows and pots of gold. 
10.Have tea and cookies.     

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