Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Make a Fairy House!

Spring sings of flowers and gardens and birdies and such. Especially if you have a daughter, consider making a Fairy House in your backyard. Find a little spot near a tree or under a bush that you can easily reach. Flatten the dirt with a spoon or small shovel and sprinkle with blades of grass, flower petals, or even moss from the craft store. Outline the area with pebbles or bark. You can even make a little fairy bed of leaves and petals if you like. The fun is in the discussion you have with your child while preparing the fairy house. "How big do you think a fairy is?" "What do they eat?" Where do they go during the day?" etc. There are lots of fairy books available at the library. Check out a used book store to hunt down a child's fairy book or even a well read copy of Peter Pan. Watch one of the Disney Fairy movies.

* Here's the real fun! Tell your kids that the fairies need a place to sleep in the garden, so you are building a house in hopes they might pick your garden (or patio, or porch... whatever you have.) You can check the fairy house each day to see if one might have been there. Are the leaves of her bed moved? Is the blueberry you left eaten? Make a little blanket of fabric, put a small solar light nearby. Remember making things for your Barbies? Have fun with it. Make sure if you leave a berry, that you remember to take out a small bite when no one is looking. The thrill on the faces of your kids is so worth it.

* If you really want to get fancy, you can buy little pieces of fairy sized items at a nursery, or check out this fairy door sold in the Victorian Trading Catalog. Super cute.
Did you know Fairies leave teeny tiny notes? Did you know Fairies leave behind sparkles? Did you know that Fairies can leave teeny little gifts like little jeweled rings and bracelets? (party favors work great)

When a Fairy has finished her work in a particular garden, she may leave a goodbye note or a trinket and be on her way. Fare Thee Well Little Fairy, and come again next spring!!

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